Every Day is Our First Day, Every Success is a Herald of the Next

Arpacıoğlu Group, a leading business partner for over 50 years in the national and international retail sector, has been growing day by day in its journey. The company achieved its first significant milestone in 1988 by establishing a significant presence in the Ağrı retail market. Shortly thereafter, in 1989, the Arpacıoğlu Family began operating in the Istanbul Rami wholesale market and quickly made significant strides, expanding its investments beyond the retail sector and diversifying its service portfolio. Today, Arpacıoğlu Group operates in a wide range of fields, including distribution, sales, marketing, logistics, warehouse, and fleet leasing, as well as with their own brands and production. They have become a profile that adds value, differentiating themselves from their competitors, from their business processes to production quality and service standards.

Continuing its operations with a focus on corporate governance, customer satisfaction, sustainability, and social responsibility at international standards, Arpacıoğlu Group is currently exporting to 20 countries and conducting commercial activities in Turkey with 20 distributors. Arpacıoğlu stands among the Fortune 500 companies in our country's economy with its export volume, employment generation, and revenue contribution.

Arpacıoğlu Group, as a fundamental principle, is dedicated to creating a working environment in all sectors where it operates, including its group companies, that fosters the trust and satisfaction of its stakeholders. With this sense of responsibility, both domestically and internationally, the group continues its investments in various sectors.

As a leading group of companies in Turkey, Arpacıoğlu Group will continue to create value for all its stakeholders in the future. Simultaneously, it will not neglect to focus on social projects that support environmental awareness and enhance the well-being of society while fulfilling its social responsibilities. For people, for society, for our country...